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Local Business

We specialize in local business marketing videos for branding & lead generation

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Video Production

All types of videos can be produced in addition to our large inventory on hand.

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HD Quality

Only professional quality videos will be delivered to your business. Guaranteed!

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We Offer a Wide Variety of Local Business Videos & Marketing Services to Help Build Your Brand.  If you just want a video...we have it.  If you need video marketing...we'll do it.  You can make your complete purchase right here & right now!  We have many years experience and take care of our customers!

Raise your Profits

Video is hot! Google loves them and has a vested interest in their ranking well...they own YouTube! This is the time to take advantage of video marketing!

Save you Money

If you have been throwing your money at Google ads or Home Advisor leads, this should be a breath of fresh air. Rather than renting ad space, you can own your spots in the search listings for good!

Target your Audience

We have perfected a system to rank your videos by stepping in front of the searches that are already being made for your business.

Let Us Mazimize Your Profits

Business videos are one of the smartest ways to take advantage of easy rankings and long-term visibility.  Investing in video marketing is investing in your business.  They won't disappear after you use them, and they are exclusive to your business area that you are targeting. Buying not renting! Investing not spending!

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How it Works


In Step 1, you simply place an order and send in your business details & we get started!


In Step 2, we produce very cool videos for you that help your business brand & lead generation.


In Step 3, we will deliver you the videos & or marketing services as you wish.

Video Advantages

Enjoy the Spotlight

Videos do a great job of capturing & holding your audience's attention and directing them to wherever you want.

Target your Audience

Our videos will allow you to target exactly who is already trying to find your business right now!

Increase Your Profits

Branding your company and directing targeted leads is the main goal of our marketing service and videos.

Face of Your Brand

What better way to show off your business by using video to bring your logo and services to the world.

Stay ahead Competition

Having your business logo show up in the search listings is a unique way to stand out from the crowd & be seen!

Why Choose Us?

HD Professional Videos

We have several styles and lengths to choose from and can custom design whatever you need. HERE

1-Stop Shop for Videos

You have the option of purchasing our in stock videos and having us customize them to yours, or creating new custom ones.

Quality, Reliability, Efficiency

Our videos are professionally designed for specific purposes and are goal oriented.

Budget Focused Videos

We offer several pricing levels to fit everyone's budget.  We are a business too...we get it!

Super Friendly Team

Always here to answer any questions and take care of your video marketing needs.  Here to Help!

  • I was searching for my Lightning Rod business and I kept finding these videos for my competitor.  So I decided to get my own videos to compete.  So glad I did!
    I Kept Seeing My Competition’s videos…
    William Burden - WB Lightning
  • EZ Video PRO made a professional video for my hvac business. I started getting more clients and soon my profits started to increase too. I'm really happy for the good work. Thanks.
    EZ Video PRO to the Rescue
    Bryan - Aire Serv
  • "Bill Is a pleasure to work with and delivered great results." Service Category: Video Marketing 2012 (hired more than once) Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value
  • I got a video then came back for the video marketing.  I get monthly videos that I can afford and they really show off my drywall business.
  • EZ Video PRO-Mar 8, 2016 I recommend Bill Vella of EZVP for your on line advertising services. Great ideas, very professional, and reasonably priced!"
    Nice Job!
  • "Bill Vella, at EZ Video PRO made me a video for my website, he's very hands on with every detail. I have had a lot of people comment on the video as well, I recommend him on all marketing and website work. Thanks Bill Tom Hamilton Lightning Rods "
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